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Financial Engineering End of Semester Celebration | Hanlon Financial Systems Center

Financial Engineering End of Semester Celebration

Financial Engineering End of Semester Celebration

Event Location: 
Babbio Center
Event Time: 
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Mr.Saverio Minervini

On December 16, 2015, financial engineering community at Stevens hosted its semiannual private ceremony in Babbio center. The purpose of this event was to celebrate the accomplishments of all faculty members and students with a number of awards. Professor Khashanah, Director of Financial Engineering Department, highlighted the news and achievements that have taken place at this department during the Fall 2015 semester. He emphasized that Stevens’ financial engineering program has been ranked #13 in the 2016 Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) program rankings.


During the event, few exceptional awards have been granted to the best Teaching Assistant and students who achieved the highest GPA. Details of these award winners have been provided below:


GPA 4.0 Award                                       Li, Zhi                           zli39@stevens.edu

GPA 4.0 Award                                       Liu, Yang                       ylui@stevens.edu

GPA 3.9 Honorary Mention                       Priya, Pallavi                 ppriya@stevens.edu

GPA 3.9 Honorary Mention                       Tao, Zhen                      ztao@stevens.edu

GPA 3.9 Honorary Mention                       Wang, Liangchen            lwang40@stevens.edu

Best TA in Fall 2015 Award                       Zhu, Xiaodi                    xzhu@stevens.edu


At the end, financial engineering community was please to meet Mr.Saverio Minervini, one of the successful Stevens alumni. He holds a 2012 Masters of Science in Financial Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Mr. Minervini has over ten years’ experience as a quantitative associate working for various top-tier Wall Street firms. In his speech, he mentioned key points on how to apply for future career and indicated essential factors that can help students to have higher chance of acceptance in their interviews.